There are many auto load boards which provide a great platform for shipping companies and consumers to do business without any hassles. As a consumer, you can post your requirement which will be passed on to all the registered shipping companies. These companies, in turn, will get back to the consumers depending on the requirement. They will also provide the consumers with an estimated quote for the transportation. Later, the consumer can pick and choose the best company depending on his budget.

How to effectively use load boards?


  • On the other hand, shipping companies will have to register themselves with the load boards in order to see the loads posted by consumers.
  • They will be charged a nominal amount as registration fees.
  • When you post your requirement on the board, try to be more specific about your requirements, so that the companies will respond with accurate quotes.
  • Some vehicles need additional equipment and only those companies having that equipment will respond to you which will save your time.
  • Before choosing the right transport company, verify their credentials and check if they have proper insurance.
  • This will save you a lot of tension if something goes wrong during transportation.
  • Ask the shipping companies to give you an estimated time of delivery so that they do not unnecessarily delay the transportation of your vehicles.
  • You can also ask for the tracking number so that you can track the movement of your vehicles at any point of time.
  • You can also get in touch with the customer care team of the load boards to clarify any issues you might have about the transportation.

Here are some easy to follow rules and guideline that can help the client for moving his vehicle easily. This is required especially when you have to move your cars over a long distance; it is always beneficial to post your requirement on car hauling load boards and hire the shipping company to do the job. Usually, the load boards do not charge anything from the consumers, and you get the job done for free of cost. The load boards, however, charge the shipping companies some fees to access the details of the consumers. It helps clients as well as the shipping companies to use the services of these load boards.

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