In American football, tackle is a form of move which is used to prevent the player from progressing with the ball. It is also known as quarterback sack once the quarterback is tackled while making an effort to throw a pass beside the line of scrimmage. On the field usually two tacklers are there; one is positioned directly to the right of the right guard and the other one on the left of the left guard. The main responsibility of the tackler is to block. Tackles are usually the major players on the field. Like the center, tackles must be clever so they can evaluate what the defense is trying to do and make the appropriate changes. The distinctive tackle is a player who is extremely expert at blocking.

Duval Love Rams is an ex American football tackle who has played professionally for the Pittsburgh Steelers, Arizona Cardinals and Los Angeles Rams. He is from Los Angeles, California who has joined high school in Fountain Valley, and college in UCLA. Throughout his school years, he constantly played football. His professional sports career started after he has been recruited by the Los Angeles Rams in the year 1985. His passion for this game can be noticed from his early childhood days as he has been a huge admirer of Minnesota Vikings and Dallas Cowboys. In an interview, Duval Love Steelers claims that it is his dad who has been the biggest inspiration for him. Duval says that both his parents supported him in the good times as well as the bad times; since like any other profession, a professional player also faces various ups and downs in the career.

Duval played for Los Angeles Rams from 1985 to 1991; that is almost for seven years; after which he went Plan B free agency to Pittsburgh. Bill Cowher has been the head coach of Pittsburgh Steelers who actually recommended Duval Love. For three years he has played for Pittsburgh Steelers, and for Arizona Cardinals he has played for another couple of years.

Duval Love Rams has been the part of National Football League for many years. NFL is a specialized American football league involving thirty two teams which is separated similarly between the AFC or American Football Conference and NFC or the National Football Conference. At present Duval Love Steelers is pursuing a career in coaching and has been working on a book right now. Although his main aim, vision, is to become a coach so that he can train the new aspiring talents who wants to or dream of taking their passion or interest as a profession.

Duval Love has also interest in basketball and loves watching Lakers and Shaquille O’Neal.

In conclusion, it can be said that Duval Love has been a survivor. His professional football career has been an inspiration for many aspiring talents. His contribution as an American football tackle in National Football League is something that cannot be ignored.

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